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Make your child’s first cell phone experience happen with Simply Prepaid T-Mobile plans

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Introducing your child to a cell phone is a privilege for them. Kids want phones and until you decide they are old enough, handing them a device that is always with them that can access the world wide web is not meant for the younger children. However, in some cases having a phone is a decision made based on safety. You may not be quite ready to add your tween or teen to your plan or perhaps you are looking for a less expensive alternative to a contract or wireless plan. Introducing T-mobile Simply Prepaid plan as the perfect option for you! Before you think about all you have heard regarding prepaid plans such as low quality phones or little service coverage, let me tell you more about the Simply Prepaid plan and why it has so much to offer for those who wish to not sign contracts or be tied to one plan for long periods of time.

Our oldest was 15 when he was allowed his own smart phone. Our teenager was 14. We pay quite a bit for the four of us to have phones and we are limited in our data usage. We are constantly monitoring where we are at with data and have alerts sent to us-try keeping a 17 and 23 year old under allotted time! We are up to the maximum coverage just to prevent the overages. I miss the days of unlimited data coverage-it simply is not available to us with our plan anymore. Why do we stay? We are in contract PLUS we love the coverage. However, many mobile companies such as T-mobile have really done a good job in covering wide areas. This is important especially if you want your child to have a cell phone for safety reasons. Perhaps it is time we change up how we use cell service. With newer prepaid plans being introduced such as the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid plan, we can get just about all we have now for a whole lot less!

To get unlimited talk, text and data with your choice of high-speed data amount and a 4G LTE network for as low as $40 a month, we would have a bill a lot less than what we pay now.

I was privileged to be able to try out the Samsung Galaxy Avant phone and use the $40 a month plan which gave us unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data. The phone is very impressive and I had no issues with loading or set up. I still researched a few other compatible phones, but the Avant seems to be the best value in my opinion for features and the feel of a smart phone you may be used to operating. In no way did I feel I was carrying or using a prepaid plan phone as I used to know them to be. If you are buying your teen a first phone, this one is perfect. It is similar in size and style to popular plan phones. My boys would make that a criteria as they can be sensitive to the appearance of their electronics around friends.

The age in which your child should have a phone will be up to you as a parent and for most parents that decision is made with safety in mind. You need to balance safety of accessing the Internet as well as safety in having a phone available especially if your child walks home from school or spends anytime home alone where you may not have a home phone. We have not had a home phone for years and many families I know do not have one either. These families have to make sure that any tween or teen that may be home alone have access to a phone in case of emergencies. The dilemma is usage as kids have no concept of data times or rates. A prepaid plan such as the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid being introduced is the perfect start! In fact, it may be the perfect switch away from a contract plan for the entire family. Having this opportunity to try the Samsung Galaxy Avant and load the coverage has me highly considering changing how we do cell phone service in our home. I love saving money where I can and this is a great savings for us!

Reasons why your child may be in need of a cell phone….

How can you get started?

Head to Walmart and search for the store near you specializing in the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid plans as you will get great service there. They can guide you on phone choices as well as plans that fit your needs. There are no credit checks, no contracts to sign and no commitments. You buy only the service you need and get a 4G LTE network for top performance. The high-speed data really is high speed. Getting started simply involves visiting Walmart, purchasing a phone, buying a plan card, loading it and you are all set! If you decide you need more or less coverage, then upgrade or down grade next month. You are in control each month on what coverage you need. If you decide prepaid is not for your family or that you want to add other family members you are free to do as you wish by not purchasing a card next month or grabbing up a new phone (one that does not cost hundreds of dollars) and a plan card right for them and they are set! It’s about time we are in control of our own phone service needs and the cost attached to it!

Remember to take the opportunity to talk Internet safety with your child as you grant them their first cell phone. Head to T-Mobile page to manage your service and create a contract with your child for their first usage. Have rules and consequences. A first cell phone is so exciting, but they need to remember it is a privilege and not a right!

Learn more at the Walmart Family Talk T-Mobile Simply Prepaid page.

At what age do you hand out cell phones to your kids? Would you consider this plan?

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