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Make Your Child’s Booster Seat A Comfortable Ride!

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I recently switched from the bulky car seats to the booster seat for my son. I bought a few in a sale and I love the design and brand. The one thing I found was almost all booster seats, except for highly lavished and expensive ones were very uncomfortable. I brought mine home and before I could get them into the cars, my son had incorporated them into a fort he was building in the living room. As I had him cleaning his mess up later, I grabbed the seats and stopped a moment. Man! Maybe I should sit in these so I know how it feels to him.

There is no way I would comfortably sit in this in a car for any long trips. So, I improvised and what I got was a seat-still safe, but more comfortable than it was. I had my son sit back down and he says “Oooh Comfy, Mommy!” It really is a no-brainer improvisation…….

Just get the towel folded well enough that they aren’t sitting on folds or end pieces
Tuck it in real well in the back so they aren’t sitting on the fold of the towel.
Doesn’t interrupt the fit at all
 Which seat would you want to sit on for a long car ride?
Much better!

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7 thoughts on “Make Your Child’s Booster Seat A Comfortable Ride!”

  1. What a great idea…my 5yr old has complained about being uncomfortable in her booster seat…and this is a great suggestion to make it a little softer on her bum! Thanks!

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