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Make teeth brushing fun and engaging with Firefly products

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If getting your kids to brush and floss their teeth is a struggle, then you have probably had to come up with some creative tricks and hacks to get them to comply. My son hates flossing and I have tried everything. If he has one loose tooth in his mouth he will not let floss anywhere near his teeth. We are not alone. A 2015 study found many parents who have tried some creative ways to get their kids to brush daily.
        34% of moms have done something creative to motivate their child
        31% have offered a reward
        30% have done something educational
        26% have done something embarrassing to trick their child


Our bathroom has plenty of Firefly products because they are engaging and my son loves using them. When the tools they need to brush, rinse and floss are in fun characters and are interactive, it makes brushing time a bit more enticing. My son has Angry Birds rinse and loves his Lightsaber Star Wars tooth brushes. The timed toothbrushes light up for 2 full minutes so the kids know when to stop brushing.

Here is a round up of some Firefly products and other additions to re-do your bathroom into a dental-friendly place and perhaps take the summer to start a new routine that will work and stick this time. It’s definitely worth the shot.

  • Firefly’s lightsaber toothbrushes – these fun brushes play sounds and lighting effects on a two minute timer to ensure a full brush while making it entertaining for kids. The brushes come in different characters so kids can be their favorite superhero!
  • Firefly’s Anti-Cavity Mouth Rinse – we may not want to admit it but mouthwash can get messy. And how do you know how much you really need? This sugar-free, alcohol-free wash with fluoride comes with a “no mess” cup hidden in the bottom of the bottle for an accurate measure. And the fun character (for example Angry Birds) pump adds another entertaining touch for kids.
  • Firefly’s Ready Go Light Up Timer Toothbrush – what kid wouldn’t love a flashing traffic light on their brush? The key is that it lights up for two minutes for a full brush. It even has a suction cup on the bottom to easily stand up, minimizing messes for parents.
  • VMATE Touch N Brush Toothpaste holder – I just found these on Amazon and they’re awesome! The fun character element encourages kids to use the toothpaste (a big help for those who pretend to use it!).
  • MAM Oral Care Rabbit: Still helping your kids your child get used to the toothbrush? Here’s a very simple tool that can help them become familiar with the feeling of a brush in their mouth. Next stop? Firefly’s fun toothbrushes that empower kids to form their own dental habits.


Look for your Firefly products at retailers near you.

Read more about my past experience with Firefly products.
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