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Make sure you drink enough water each day with the Ozmo Smart Cup

I was sent sample for promotion. Opinions are my own

Making sure you consume enough water and even limited coffee intake each day is hard. I can sometimes go an entire day and realize I have not had a glass of water! Drinking the proper amount of water is so important for total body health, but when your day gets busy how do you remember to drink or even know how much you consumed in a day? The Ozmo Smart Cup makes drinking your recommended daily water intake so easy. You also will know your coffee intake as well.
The Ozmo Active Smart Cup
The cup begins tracking after a USB charge. A full charge will last about a month so you don’t have to be in constant charging mode with it. It holds 16 oz. of water/coffee. It is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic. I have had this cup tumble out of my car and no leak. Once you get your cup and charge it, you will download the Ozmo app to your iPhone5 or higher that has iOS 8 (Android is coming real soon so you can preorder your cup now).
The Ozmo App
Once you download the app and have the cup charged, you can complete a mini profile. This will give you a total in ounces of water you will want to consume in a day. You can always go into settings and adjust things as needed so it can reevaluate your water needs. You will click on your cup image that is displaying water or coffee in settings and connect with the cup wirelessly (you will see lights blink on your cup indicating sync). Back at the home screen your cup will either display a water chart or coffee chart as it can tell what you are drinking as you fill your cup. 
You can further customize alerts. You will get notifications as you need for your intake level throughout the day. It is your little nudge on the shoulder to drink more water.


Already this cup is a hit. Everywhere I go I show it off and who doesn’t want a cup that helps remind them what to do like drink water! We are busy, but we want to stay healthy and we need all the motivation we can get. Besides if we do not drink enough water, the little whale on your app screen stays floating upside down-save the whale, drink more water! See the water app image above? That’s what your whale will look like when you do not drink enough water!
This cup goes everywhere with me and I am drinking more water since I received this. I have tried everything to get back on track with water consumption and this is the only thing that I can say works for me! Worth every penny! If you use Apple Health or a Fitbit, it will synch to it as well-no more manually inputing your daily water intake!
If you order your Ozmo Active Smart Cup by December 2, 2015 you will have it on time for Christmas gift giving! Order now!
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