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How To Make Feeding Your Baby As Simple As Can Be

How To Make Feeding Your Baby As Simple As Can Be

Whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding your baby (and many parents use a mix of both feeding methods), it is always a good idea to know a few tips and tricks to make feeding time go much more smoothly. Follow the guide below to ensure that feeding time for you goes as well as it can do, even single time. 

1. Get The Right Equipment. 

If you are bottle feeding your baby, purchasing express pumps, bottles, a good bottle warmer and sterilizing equipment, and practising using them before you use them with your little one, will ensure that feeding time goes well.

2. Stay Attuned To Your Baby’s Moods.

If your baby is feeling cranky and irritable, this is probably not the best time to teach them something new. Save those rusks or new bottles for another day and go with what has worked best in the past.

If your baby gets cranky before, during or after feeding time, remember that almost all parents have to cope with this. Don’t blame yourself, just stay calm and try one of the tips on this list (be that a change of position or a little time out) to get things running smoothly again.

3. Get The Right Position When Breastfeeding. 

When breast feeding your baby, you need to find out what works best for baby and for you. Your baby might like to be cradled in your arms as they breast feed, or they may prefer to flop on your stomach.

Using a towel and a sling will help you to angle your baby’s head more easily as they feed. Sometimes a quick shift of position is all that you need to make feeding more comfortable both for yourself and your baby. 

4. Moving on from milk? It’s time for variety!

Get your little one interested in all kinds of food from an early age, and particularly in healthy foods such as fruit and veg. Bright colors, a wide variety of different foods from day to day and lots of easy to consume textures early on will all make transitioning from milk to solid food much more fun and enjoyable for both of you.

Make mealtimes a big event, with your baby’s own plastic spoon, bowl and covered plastic drinker so that it becomes something that they get excited about! Let them pick out a cute bib to wear too. Encourage them to experiment and to discover new foods for themselves, so that they can tell you what it is that they like best!

5. Be Aware Of Allergies. 

Some babies should not eat certain foods due to allergies. And, if you are breastfeeding, it it crucial to cut those foods out of your own diet, too.

How do you tell if your baby has an allergy? Seek out your doctor and ask them to run a few tests and to explain common allergy symptoms to you. Dairy allergies can manifest themselves in the form of a red rash, for example, though this is not the only symptom.

6. Don’t Give Up.

It can be easy to feel frustrated if your baby is not latching on to your breast when you are breast feeding them, or refusing point blank to eat carrots today when they were eating them with gusto yesterday. Frustration can be your enemy if you want to make eating fun and feeding your baby relaxing and enjoyable for you. After all, feeding your little one ought to be one of the most powerful bonding experiences that you two share together. 

So, have some tactics ready to hand that you can use to calm yourself down when you are feeling stressed and frustrated. This might involve taking time out to grab a quick sip of water, or getting a back massage from your partner. It might involve counting down slowly in your head or putting on a favorite song. Find what works for you to ease any tension and create a calm environment for you and your baby to enjoy.

Follow these great tips and you will find that feeding your baby is so much easier. The result? One happy baby!

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