Make after school baked snacks in minutes

This is a promotional post. I was sent product for my honest opinion

For over 6 hours your children have been at school and you have taken that time to clean, run errands, head into work or do some other tasks and the kids are now home and starved and you have run out of time to whip up a fun snack they deserve! One of our boys favorite snacks are baked cookies and brownies, but I don’t have time to get that ready by 3pm! Ready-to-Bake can help you prepare baked snacks in minutes! They are pre-packaged liquid batter, french-inspired baked goods!
Ready-to-Bake Varieties

You can make brownies, lava cakes and muffins in about 10 minutes (the brownies take a bit longer).  All you have to do is pour and bake! I have been baking these and I will pull out a pan, turn on the oven to pre-heat while I get my son from school down the street. When I get in the door, I throw the pan in the oven and by the time our son talks about his day, uses the restroom and pulls out papers to set up for homework my timer is going off and we are ready for a fresh snack!

These are made with high quality ingredients such as real blueberries, cocoa and real sugars. You can find these in select Central Market stores in Tx and Winn Dixie stores in Fl. Coming soon to Meijer stores in the Midwest and Ky and online at iGourmet! They retail for about $3.30 each! Effortless after school baking the kids (and you) deserve!

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