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Make a memorable Cake for Baby’s 1st Birthday with Betty Crocker First Birthday Smash Cakes!

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Are you planning a First Birthday Party? If not, do you remember your child’s first birthday cake? 

I remember choosing a traditional theme for my son’s 1st Birthday almost 5 years ago. Even the cake was a traditional 1st Birthday cake. As I look back, I wish I had been a bit more fancy, but turns out it would have made no difference. Maybe sensing my stress of getting everything prepared for his big party day, he decided to wake up from his morning nap as everyone was arriving with a fever and diarrhea-go figure! He cried through presents-so I just let the younger kids open them all for him and they loved that! He sat long enough in his high chair at cake time for a photo or two, but did not want to eat it. The pictures tell it all (even Grandma gave him a try)….

Betty Crocker brings you a fun infographic below to guide you through that first birthday cake memory! That cake will be captured in many photos and all over your child and I feel I jipped the photo shots of our party because I figured it would just be destroyed anyway.
Choose from Betty Crocker First Birthday Smash Cake recipes such as the No. 1 Cutout, Peas & Carrots Smash Cake, Polka Dot Smash cake and more by visiting the Smash Cake page!

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