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MagnaMini Coats & Vests: No Buttons, No Zippers

This is a product review for MagnaMini. Any opinions are 100% my own

Back to School fashion can be fun or tedious. As parents of young children, we may be concerned how they will manage with us not by their sides to zip and unzip coats, tie shoes ( I buy velcro) while they are at school now. For the older kids they want to be different. As adults, we want all kids ready to go and out the door on time as well. MagnaMini took all of these concerns and made one unique product sure to save time and frustrations. These chevron-quilted vests and water resistant barn coats have no zippers or buttons that may be hard for the young ones to manage on their own as well as taking up our time as we run out the door only to have to stop and zip and button coats! These vests and coats close up on their own with magnets securely sewn in. “Click, Clack, Just Like That” is their motto!

I have my son entering first grade this year and as a 6 year old boy, he wants to hurry when he needs to hurry and slow down when I need him to hurry! He has the patience of a hyper puppy and I tend to be the one to stop and have to fiddle with stuck zippers or tight button holes. I assume his teachers get just as frustrated. He can certainly button and zip his own coats, but last year I found that he was so anxious to get outside he would just skip the coat or throw it on and take it off on the playground because he did not want to stop and deal with sticky zippers on the coat he insisted on wearing that day. When I showed him his new MagnaMini vest his eyes lit up. He is excited that now he can click and go! It really is that easy and stays closed too!

MagnaMini Coats & Vest Features

  • No zippers or button
  • Machine washable
  • 100% polyester
  • Water resistant
  • Locker loops for easy hanging
  • Heat sealed labels-no tags
  • Coats have corduroy trim on sleeve ends and trim

To get your MagnaMini vest for back to school, visit

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own.

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