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Magic Chef Microwave Cookware

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Magic Chef-Microwave-Cookware | Parenting Healthy |

As the holidays near and school has started you may find yourself making leftovers. Whether you need a quick meal or made too much for a gathering and need to reheat your food, Magic Chef has microwave cookware for you. I am a fan of the Magic Chef brand and the quality of this cookware makes it a great gift too.

Magic Chef-Cookware | Parenting Healthy |

I had a large thawed chicken breast I needed to cook before it went bad and cooked in in the crock pot and added BBQ sauce. Now I have been using it in meals throughout the week for dinner. My Magic Chef microwave cookware is keeping this meat moist each time I reheat some.

Magic Chef-Steam-Cook | Parenting Healthy |

All you do is simply add a bit of water to just cover the bottom of the durable,  non-porous glass. This glass can go in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher.

Heating-Leftovers | Parenting Healthy |

Next you add your food. This is 2 day old cooked BBQ chicken breast. Watch below how moist it cooks up using this cookware.

Magic Chef-Quality Cookware | Parenting Healthy |

Don’t forget to open the vent before heating for pressure control. It will shut air tight for storage again.

Warming-Cookware | Parenting Healthy |

I chose to heat my chicken up for 90 seconds and it was perfect temperature. The vented tab won’t allow for heavy steam when opening.

Moisture-Cookware | Parenting Healthy |

Can you see how moist that chicken is? I actually had to drain some liquid a tad because I was spooning this on buns. I never really gave much thought to reheating my leftovers. Typically, I just scoop it into a bowl or on a plate and cover with a paper towel and heat up. Now that I have experienced using the Magic Chef microwave cookware I am a new fan and will always reheat with mine. I even plan on locating more for gifts this season. I know a few families who would love this. Visit Magic Chef Appliances Corporation to see more details –> Website | Facebook

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