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Luxury Jewelry for a quality and elegant gift

This is a promotional post for Luxury Jewelry. All opinions are 100% my own

Luxury Jewelry for a quality and elegant gift
When you want to look your best while you are out, but are not the most fashion savvy it is easy to fall into the trap of price shopping and thinking cheaper works just fine. I am not made of money and when I buy jewelry, it is sometimes based on the sticker price almost before the style itself. I have a jewelry box full of jewelry and yet I will still feel like I don’t have the right piece for many outfits. I always have some sort of jewelry on from necklaces to rings and it is just a part of how I dress. So when I was sent two pieces from Luxury Jewelry, I learned something new! Good, quality jewelry does cost more, but it looks great and it gets noticed!
Sadly, I had an event to wear the Single Tri Set from Luxury Jewelry to my Mother-in-Law’s funeral last week. Because I was wearing dark colors, I wanted a bit of sparkle because my Mother-in-Law was so into jewelry and would say “…if it sparkles or glitters, it is owned by me”! This set is made with real Swarovsky Crystals so I was shocked when it arrived and inspected each piece then to find that together, the entire 3-piece set was under $210! As often as I wear jewelry, I never have received the compliments I got at any other event with any of my less quality jewelry. I felt good in it and I found out just how impressive and noticeable luxury jewelry can be. No more $5 specials for me! I can trade all I have in and buy just one or 2 good pieces and I would feel much more elegant and sophisticated.
I also received the Love Live Dance Sing bracelet set which I love. You get all 4 bracelets engraved with 4 messages for under $100! The quality can be felt and seen as you receive these pieces. Wear them together or separate and you can even mix up the sayings. With all 4 pieces, you get the phrase:
 “LOVE as though you have never been hurt before…LIVE as though heaven is on Earth…DANCE as though no one is watching…SING as though no one can hear you.
These make such great gifts for that special woman in your life and the value with such luxury quality cannot be beat!
Find all the Luxury Jewelry has to offer at
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