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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: LuxBlox.com

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With an 8 year old LEGO lover, I have noticed him building less and less. I’m aware interests change and new hobbies give way to old ones. When I asked him if we should get rid of some of his LEGO’s to make room for new hobbies and his response was ” I don’t want to get rid of them…I like to build, but kind of stop for a bit after getting bored …I run out of ideas”. There is only a few ways to build with LEGOS and that is up and out. If he really digs through his bin he can put pieces together to create moving flaps and doors. That is not unique enough.

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When our Lux Block set came he lit up. His first comment was it looks very hard. I told him the pictures on the box are the someones creations and with this set you make your own creations. There is no guide or color-coding. Just discs, pegs of all sizes and that’s all you need for a creation that bends, moves and twists. It is more of an architectural build then play sets and people pieces.

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Lux Block was created by an artist and inventor. The pieces are made in the USA (Wisconsin and Illinois to be exact) and they employee people in need. It is nature form the spirit of the company to the way the blocks move. The creators attribute these three people – architects, scientists, inventors and educators – for strongly influencing their enthusiasm, inspiration, and motivation to create Lux, as they put it.

lux-block-building-set | Parenting Healthy

I am proud to feature them in this years gift guide and encourage you to learn more by visiting them online and giving your child (young and older) the gift of possibilities and creativity using construction. Great for independent play gift ideas or those that need sedentary activities to keep them stimulated.

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Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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