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Lunch On-The-Go with Rubbermaid Fasten+Go

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Taking lunch to work is the best way to save money. There was a point in our budget when my husband and I sat down and looked at our outgoing expenses. He worked in retail corporate all over town and I worked in a hospital clinic. We were both buying meals out-he would stop on the road and I would go to the cafeteria at $6-$8 a lunch or more some days times 2 of us. When we added that up and also acknowledged we have a fridge full of lunch meat and bread going stale, we were blowing money.

We decided to give ourselves 2 meals out a week and pack lunch the other 3. It made a huge difference. Now I only work part time and my husband is at a position with his company where most meals can be reimbursed, but I still resort to packing lunches when we will be gone all day. I love finding ways to tote all foods in containers that won’t leak when I pack a lunch. My youngest is still in school and prefers home lunch so he eats from home food. Rubbermaid has always been my go-to for leak proof containers for food. Now they improved lunch on-the-go even further with the Fasten+Go kits.


The Rubbermaid Fasten+Go has 3 kits for your meals: Entree Kit, Sandwich Kit and Soup Kit. From hot soup and homemade chili to sandwiches and leftover dinner meals you can pack and go. You can heat your food right from the container. There is also a carry strap eliminating a bag to put your containers in.


The sandwich kit fits our needs perfectly. I tend to pack sandwiches and fruit so the sizes in this kit work great. My son thinks it is pretty neat on days I forgo his lunchbox to send him with unique lunches in their own containers.


I love the locking feature where you press in the smaller containers into the larger lid-you press and will hear the snap. The lids are very secure and no links at all. Once stacked you just put the lid over it all, pull the strap tight and off you go.


You can find Rubbermaid Fasten+Go containers in 3 colors and at retailers near you. I found more on an end cap at my local Target store and have spotted them at other retailers as well.

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Elizabeth O.
Elizabeth O.

I really love these containers! Perfect for packed lunches and picnics. It looks durable and I’m sure the food is properly sealed, no spilling.

Carol Cassara

These are really great. I am a big fan of Rubbermaid products and always like to see what they come up with.

Nikki Wayne
Nikki Wayne

This is a nice lunch box. I remember my childhood days with this post.


Packing your own lunch really saves you money. Plus it’s healthier too. I like this leakproof containers. Will sure look out for this one.

Lisa Rios

I think taking lunch to work is always the best way, not only to save money, but for your health as well as home made foods are the best anytime. I am in love with these The Rubbermaid Fasten+Go lunch kits, they look so comfy & of great quality as well.