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LumiCharge T2W LED Lamp, Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Phone Charger

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LumiCharge T2W LED Lamp, Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Phone Charger

As we exit this very long year and think about 2021 we are further into an age of making healthier choices, new technologies and finding ways to simplify our lives. Products that save space, have multiple functions and bring us needed information makes changing spaces in our home better for us. In my home office I have the LumiCharge T2W that is more than a desk light!

This sleek and space-saving LED light is also a wireless charger, clock, calendar and bluetooth speaker all in one. That isn’t all it does. It also holds pens, your iWatch charger and displays temperature. As much as this LumiCharge does it really simplifies the space on my desk giving me all I want as I work.

Below is a quick video I did so that you get a peak into the speaker sound. I played a song I bought to show you how easy it is to change volume, etc.

(I do not own rights to the song, but did purchase it)

The LED lamp has 3 tint modes and multiple brightness levels. The screen for the clock/calendar face also has different brightness levels. While my phone is on the charger I can listen to my music through the speaker base as well as take calls by speaker. It is narrow so it hardly takes up space which is great for my desk. I fight for space with so many needed items as it is.

LumiCharge is a great gift for yourself or someone you know who deserves a new office must-have that is multi-functional. I almost forgot to mention that when you enter a dark room a motion sensor will light up to show you the keys to turn on this Lumicharge. Get your LumiCharge T2W today or with those gift cards you have been gifted! Available at LumiCharge.com and on Amazon!

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Lauryn R

This is an amazing lamp, I can’t believe all that it does! It would be so handy to have on my desk. I love that it is a speaker, clock, and so much more!