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How To Lower your Families Carbon Footprint


How To Lower your Families Carbon Footprint
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Reduce & Recycle

The Co2 emissions that are produced from landfills are a significant contributor to the pollution and greenhouse gases that are given off into our environment. With many families not doing enough to recycle and reduce the amount of waste that is being discarded, the landfills in our communities are a major problem.

The best place to start with reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills is by being more mindful of what we recycle. By being more responsible with how and what we recycle, we can reduce the amount of rubbish that is being sent off to landfills by up to 50%, so  it is definitely worth investing the time and thought to ensuring your family is effectively reducing waste and increasing the amount you recycle.

This is not just recycling plastic, paper and glass you can also be thinking about the items that you can pass on like clothes and furniture items. Either selling items second hand or giving the away to charity shops, can give old items a new home and can reduce the amount of discarded items that end up in our landfills.

Benefits of Going Electric

With electric scooters, cars and motorbikes being the biggest movement in the current engineering market, there is no ignoring the benefits they bring in trying to achieve a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Electric motorbikes, cars and scooters not only produce zero emissions, because they are run solely from electricity, not fuel, they also radically reduce the amount of noise pollution as they are practically silent.

Electrical family cars, although they may warrant a significant investment upfront for the actual purchase of the car, they are a great investment as long term the charging and upkeep is mch cheaper than the old, fuel-based models.

Go Paperless

It is not only businesses that are going paperless these days, it is also families. It is not as tricky or as troublesome as you might think. With us living in such a highly digital age, most of our important documents are now kept on computers and are stored away on our laptops software. You can contact your service providers and ask them to send you all bills and correspondence online so that you don’t receive any paper mail through the post and you can write your lists on online apps. Little details, like these, all add up to making a big difference in the amount of paper we are consuming all over the world.

Get Green Fingered

Plants consume a lot of the Co2 in the atmosphere and therefore go some way in purifying the air that we are polluting, therefore why not try your hand at growing some plants, to do your bit to create a cleaner atmosphere. If you have a garden, vegetable patches are a wonderful way to not only grow new plants but also to decrease the demand for non-organic fruits and vegetables that are being shipped from all over the world.

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