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LoopRope Bungee Cord Tie Down System

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What are you getting Dad this year for Father’s Day? I bet your answer is the same as mine every year! I just never know how to shop for my dad. He is a simple man who doesn’t ever want much. He does build model planes, he works from home and on the road and my parents own a boat. Typically, I just resort to a gift card to his favorite restaurant or a new shirt. This year, however there is a product I think he can use when on the road and even on the boat, LOOPROPE.

Know someone that constantly struggles with rope and knots. No matter our occupation of hobbies, we all will need a rope at some point as well as a bungee cord and fasteners. When it comes to tying down a load with tarp, if you are not good at knots then good luck keeping your load secure.

When it comes to hobbies like camping or ATV riding (like our home), bungees are always a must and tie downs come along for the trip too.

Maybe you just have to secure a pet crate when driving, or fishing poles for a trip to the lake or river. Maybe you have equipment in your car you are tired of shifting in the back seat. Did I miss anything? The LoopRope is possibly the handiest gift you can buy for your home or Dad for Father’s Day. It is hard to not think of a use for this genius design. “It’s like the duck tape of bungee cords as the uses are absolutely endless!”


The LoopRope is a revolutionary bungee cord fastening system that eliminates the need for dangerous and limiting bungee cords, those messy cargo nets and most other light to medium duty tie downs. It is fully adjustable, never tangles, safer than traditional bungee cords and linkable so you can create custom cargo nets.

I use mine to keep my sub box from sliding all over my trunk area which it likes to do. I have to be careful how I hold it back as I do not want something rough that damages the speaker and I don’t want to interfere with the sound or create a rattle.

They come in 3′, 4′ and 5′ lengths. All the ends of the ropes come together at one point. They are all linkable even if cut in half. You’re first point of contact can be to make a slip knot even though this is acting like a bungee cord so your fit is tight! The clips will move around the rope for customized fit. The buoy rope is great for watercraft and even securing inflatables and coolers on the boat. Truly genius!

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jeffery Dahl

From lashing down the gear, to using as a clothesline, to quick docking sports boats and jet skis to even using as a pet leash in a pinch. There’s not a bungee system on the planet as versatile as LoopRope. It’s truly the duck tape of bungee cords!

Use it once……Use it everywhere!!!