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Looking for Invisalign Treatment in Melbourne?

Looking for Invisalign

If you have teeth that are less than straight, it can be embarrassing to smile when there are others around you. This is normal, a lot of people prefer straight teeth over crooked, and you can get funny looks if your teeth are extremely misaligned. But how can you fix this without big bulky braces that are just as ugly as your teeth feel? 

Getting Invisalign treatment allows you to have braces that are not big and bulky while also being barely noticeable. They help straighten your teeth and allow you to go about your day without as much pain when using regular braces. At The Dental Room, you can get treatment in Melbourne for your teeth, including Invisalign. But why would you want straighter teeth and what can you gain from it?

Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Aside from having straighter teeth to boast about, what other benefits are there to getting the Invisalign treatment? Well compared to traditional braces, Invisalign can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing your teeth, and even for special events you are going to and do not want them in at. Regular braces must stay in your mouth, are big and bulky, and also are not very pleasing to look at.

Another advantage of Invisalign braces is that they are not painful and work quicker than traditional braces do. Using regular ones can also cause a lot of discomfort during your dental visit as well as after adjustments are made and can last for days. Invisalign does not cause this discomfort and do not have to stay in your mouth as long as regular ones do.

These newer types of braces are trays that sit on your teeth in your mouth and are not visible like traditional ones are. You can also clean these trays when you take them out to brush your teeth, as well as being easily removed. When at the dentist’s office for your treatment checkups, it takes less time because they do not have to work on tightening your braces every time you come in.

Another benefit is that there are no food restrictions on what you can eat when you use Invisalign trays. Traditional ones require you to not eat certain foods, such as ones that are gummy or stick to your teeth and gums. However, with these new kinds of braces, they can be removed when eating so you do not have to worry about getting food stuck to them.

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You can also keep doing the activities you enjoy and love, such as playing sports or an instrument with little difficulty due to your new braces. This is great news for the sports fan or music lover in your life. Visit for more Invisalign information. 

How Does Invisalign Work?

This type of treatment does not involve metal at all, it uses trays to help fix your teeth. Each new tray you get from your dentist allows your teeth to get straighter by 0.25mm. When you go see your dentist for this initial visit, they will decide if Invisalign is right for your teeth. Then they will do a digital scan of your mouth and teeth, in order to customize your experience and dental plan. 

Now the dentist will have a 3-D view of your teeth in your mouth, which helps them create your Invisalign braces. These are made with BPA free plastic and you will get a new pair of them every 2 weeks or so. The trays move your teeth a couple at a time, which allows treatment for adults to last about a year, depending on the severity of their teeth issues. Treatment for teens, on the other hand, will vary compared to adults.

Sometimes the dentist may use these bumps that help keep the aligners on your teeth properly. This helps the grip and allows them to stay in place better if it is needed. It will depend on your treatment plan and the severity of your teeth issues. The only discomfort you may feel from Invisalign is when you first try out the trays in your mouth, it is said to feel like a little bit of pressure on the gums.

Why Get Braces?


There are many reasons to get braces other than to straighten your teeth. They can also help avoid dental issues when your teeth get straightened because you will be more prone to problems if you have crooked teeth. You do not want your teeth to get impacted or have other issues where they overlap or cause pain, so it is not just a visual issue, it is a health issue as well.

If you have an overbite in your mouth, it can cause gum problems, as well as pain and jaw joint issues too. With an underbite with your teeth, the issues can be like an overbite but also cause problems for your teeth molars as well. If you have an open bite, it can cause a condition called a thermo-mandibular joint disorder, in addition, to having problems chewing with pain and speech issues as well.

If your teeth are overly crowded in your mouth, it can cause cracked and painful teeth, gingivitis, more plaque issues, and tooth decay. If you have a crossbite, it can cause gum disease, teeth problems, and bone loss. However, braces can help with all these issues, improving your health along with your appearance and confidence. Check here to know more about braces.

What to Do Next?

Now that you know how Invisalign braces work and the benefits of them compared to regular metal braces, you can decide for yourself if these would work for you and your dental goals. You need to find a certified Invisalign dentist, not all the dentists out there can do them for you. Ask your current dentist if they can do this treatment for you and if not, visit sites to find more places that can do the treatment for you. Get ready to change your teeth and your life today!

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