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Looking for an engaging online children’s game?

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I was asked to review the online children’s game that focuses on reading skills called Reading Eggs. This is to promote the site I am so excited to begin with my son who enters Kindergarten in a few weeks. I will pots a full video review soon. He loves to read, but with that he loves to be read to! He is a very confident child, so I am not even sure that is the reason he opts out of wanting to try sounds and sight words on his own. He goes online to play fun games that I am not really sure he knows he is learning. I want him to connect the game to converting to read books so he knows he is learning and can be proud of his achievements and hopefully get over needing to be read to only!

Reading Eggs-Online Children’s Games
What makes Reading Eggs so engaging?
  • The site was created and inspired by teachers, animators and educational writers
  • Ages 3-12 and focuses on the core reading curriculum necessary for true success in the classroom
  • Games, Stories & Songs and rewards collecting Golden Eggs they can use to buy reward games
  • Children will have fun and interact with the games and stories
  • There are 120 lessons
  • With no Credit Card, you can try it for 2 weeks FREE

So whether you have a Preschooler you want to start on the reading path for some fun, engaging games and stories or if you have an older child who needs fun practice time, Reading Eggs will surely entertain them!
More from Reading Eggs
  • See their newest Educational Apps so your child can enjoy Reading Eggs away from home
  • Now introducing Math Seeds. The same concept in online math education games!

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