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Livionex Dental Gel without artificial ingredients

This is a promotional post. I was provided product for this review.

If you have paid attention to ingredients in everyday products you use, you may already know that your standard toothpaste is full of artificial ingredients and even sweeteners. I have toothpastes I use and they are not your standard big brands, they are all natural and free of artificial ingredients. I will not brush with ingredients I don’t want left on mine or my families teeth. I was sent the Livionex Dental Gel and loved the ingredients that make up this dental gel.
Toothpaste makes a nice foam and tastes a lot better than water so I get why we are told we “need” toothpaste, but it is the brushing that gives our teeth the clean it needs, not so much the paste. You can use the best paste out there, but if you do not properly brush, you are not cleaning those teeth. This is why I only want the simplest ingredients in my toothpaste because I only use it for flavor and scrubbing assistance. I would rather use a paste or gel like Livionex that is not meant to clean so much as provide protection and be able to get through the plaque in natural ways to break the bond between bacteria and my teeth.
Livionex Dental Gel does not contain dyes, fluoride or artificial colors or flavors. There are no abrasives, detergents or antimicrobials. The active ingredient is Activated Edathamil that will help eliminate the hard to reach plaque for a complete clean as you brush. This is an edible ingredient so if your child does not properly spit out there paste-no worries! You also only need a pea-size amount. 
Livionex penetrates plaque and reduces calcium to break up that attraction bacteria has to the tooth’s surface so plaque cannot form. 
You will learn a lot and find out how you can switch to a paste without those unnecessary ingredients by visiting
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