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Holiday Gift Guide: Living In The Ages of Airplanes Blu-Ray 


The film, Living In The Ages of Airplanes is a fantastic gift idea for the traveler and National Geographic and film enthusiast. It is narrated by Harrison Ford and you may recognize the composing from Academy Award® winner, James Horner.


Living in the Ages of Airplanes takes us to 18 countries and really gets deep into the fascinating insights into flying. In the film they also discuss our ancestors and just how amazed they would be to know we have this machine to take us all over the world in days-sometimes hours.


I cannot say enough about how granted we take flying. I watched the trailer and in it I am told to forget about the way you have known or experienced airplanes, that you will see them like you never have before. It is not out yet as I type this so I will not spoil the film, but it is truly fascinating for the old, young and anyone who has ever flown before. That’s a wide audience who should see this amazing film.

Keep in mind for holiday gifts or winter break movie ideas. You won’t get on the airplane in your typical mindset ever again. It is not a film that will scare or heighten any flying fears at all. It is a film that is going give you a huge appreciation for the industry. Living just 20 minutes from the Boeing plant here in Wa. I don’t think I will even drive by and view the Boeing hangers the same way again. Website | Facebook |

Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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CJ Across the Avenue

I’m a big fan of National Geographic. This looks like a great holiday gift idea! http://www.acrosstheavenue.com/

Gladys Parker

My mind is trying to figure out how this movie will portray the airplane differently than we think of it now. I have only flown once. I imagine this will be a great movie because it comes from National Geographic. A great gift especially for teens an college kids to watch during winter break – Christmas vacation.