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Spas gained little recognition until a couple of decades ago. Now, they seem to be popping up everywhere and it is tough to keep up with features, trends and locations. Without searching websites, making phone calls, and speaking to friends, there could be that perfect spot, going unnoticed. However, the Internet has recognized this niche, providing communities, created just for spa enthusiasts.

Websites, such as, have taken the guesswork out of planning and finding the best spa for individual needs. Specialists in the field of relaxation and tranquility, unite to brainstorm over what clients look for in the perfect atmosphere, brands of makeup, skin care and nutrition. 

Not only for clients, professionals in the spa business are able to swap ideas, follow trends, and learn what will be coming in the future of spa needs. Perhaps a client has mentioned how a special ointment in France was awesome, but not found in the US. Chatting with like-minded businesses can help improve a spa by offering what customers want.

Regardless if a new lover of spas, or a seasoned professional, answers to long asked questions can be answered with sites such as Live Love Spa. A new generation of products and clients are emerging. Get an edge on what is needed to keep clients returning. For the spa lover, plan your calendar with intriguing new spas to visit.

Visit Live Love Spa and find all types of Spa and health-related articles as well as communities to connect with others for all your spa questions!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. 

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