Live a Fresher Lifestyle in 2019 with Smelly Proof

Don’t have a New Year resolution yet? How about living a cleaner and fresher lifestyle? That sounds vague! Not really….

By living a fresher lifestyle means eating cleaner and that means fresher veggies and meats and less processed foods. Keeping those fresh foods fresh is tricky! Have you ever tried to meal prep and pre-cut fresh foods only to have them spoil before you can use them all? Smelly Proof will keep you on track for a fresher lifestyle by keeping those healthier foods fresher for longer.

Toss the bulky cereal boxes and use the space-saving Smelly Proof bags!

When you first take these bags out of the package you feel the durability. So, it got me thinking…I wonder if I can save space in my fridge as well as keep foods fresher by storing saucy foods in these bags as opposed to storage containers? They felt strong enough t me so I went to their website and saw that they are absolutely capable of this.

You can even pre-make foods for camping or traveling and carry them in Smelly Proof bags and not lug around storage containers. This is great for our RV and as we went to winterize the RV I threw a few packages of Smelly Proof bags in the cupboards so I have them come next spring when getting ready for another camping season this year!

Keep tortillas fresh and soft for much longer!

Start 2019 off with a fresher lifestyle and try Smelly Proof storage bags. Tey come in several sizes from snack size to XL bags for large portions (even gym clothes and smelly dog toys and those disgusting bully sticks the dogs love). They keep odors out and food fresh and save space. Try getting that in your supermarket ziplocs! Visit Smelly Proof to see them all! Also available at Walmart.com

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