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Little Hands Help – Children’s Book for Raising Little Helpers

Little Hands Help - Children's Book for Raising Little Helpers

Little Hands Help

Little Hands Help is the second book in the Small Voice series by Mike Mackenzie Morrison. It reminds us that as our children want to help and we are too busy to stop and allow their help, that we are missing a great teaching moment with them in raising little helpers.

When kids want to help in the kitchen or outside the first thing that comes to our minds are thoughts like “..that sounds like a big mess” or “it is easier to just do this myself”. We deny their request instead of fostering a powerful sense of accomplishment for them. when helpfulness is valued and learned at an early age, it becomes part of the child’s self-image.

To get your copy of this children’s book that reminds them ‘they can do this’, head to Amazon.

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