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Little Balance Box offers fun support

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Whether your child is learning to pull up and walk as a baby or needs the therapy support as an older toddler, the Little Balance Box was created to be their support. By having such support where they do not rely on human guidance gives them great independence and that encourages more movement and confidence from them.

The Little Balance Box is more than a traditional ‘walker’. This appears like a small side table. It stands about 15″ tall so it is right at Baby’s height for pulling up from a sitting or kneeling position. The legs have smooth rollers that glide well over any surface including carpet. The top is clear and polycarbonate-not glass- so they can look down and keep their eyes on their feet and legs for their own added security. When you tap or hit the clear surface top it makes fun percussive sounds that encourages the concept of cause and effect. Then when baby or child has mastered walking, you have a small table for their room or play area. My son uses his as a Lego table and he is 7 and still can use this Little Balance Box years after learning to walk. This grows with them and remains a useful piece.
The Little Balance Box is an eco-friendly product made from sustainable bamboo and the wood on this is so solid and durable. It is BPA and PVC free. It allows your child to independently move in multiple directions while providing them with balance and support. It is very easy to grip and designed to be that way. From the size to grip and sensing the child’s weight distribution from pulling themselves up to sitting back down, the Little Balance Box is flawlessly designed in my opinion. I was not fortunate enough to encounter this with my son when he was learning to walk, but I would not hesitate if I was in that stage of having one available to my child. 
The Little Balance Box is such a great gift idea for the baby on your gift list this season and all year round. It will get a lot of use for many years!
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