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List of Free Health & Fitness Apps & Offers

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Health & Fitness Apps & offers

We all use them! Apps! There are maps that track you, count your steps, bring you workouts, tell you what to eat, tell you what not to eat, count your calories, play you songs, send you motivational quotes, etc. I have made you a list of popular Free Apps. I cannot possibly search out every App & Offer out there, but here a few you may want to know about!

Diabetic? There’s a free App for you!
Here you will find free tools, recipes, offers and more!
Want some Healthy recipes? There is a free App for you!
This is a toolbar. What is cool about this is that you can favorite recipes online and in one click ask for low-carb, quick and easy and diet-specific recipes from any page you have open!
Ready to try Weight Watchers? There is a Promo for you!
With this offer, you get a free Fast 5 kit when you try a 28-day Auto delivery system. That works out to be about an $80 savings!
Need tips for healthier skin? There is a free newsletter for you!
This is a free email report bringing you skincare tips from a Physician 
Need a medical ID bracelet? You can win one!
This is a giveaway you can enter daily!
Perhaps Jenny Craig is a better fit for you? There is a Pomo for you!
This Promo gets you your 1st month free. Select a plan that works for you and your budget!
Need new eyeglasses? There are several Promos for that!
Here are the Promo codes to use:
NBBOGO = Buy One get One FREE 
NBLU30FS = 30% off + Free Shipping on any order above $80 
NBLU40 = 40% off $100 or more, not including the super premium brands (Tom Ford, Coach, Spy, Gucci etc.) 
SPECIAL50 – 50% off Frame + Basic Single Vision Lenses (code does not cover upgrades to lens type or tinted lenses or progressive lenses etc) – order must be $100 or more. 
MULTISAVE – $65 off any pair of multifocal or progressive lenses 
FREESHIP10 – Free Shipping – no minimum purchase required 
FREESHIP99 – Free shipping to anywhere in the world – order must be $100 or more
What about the pets? Curious how much pet insurance is?
Answer some questions about your pet and see what options are out there. 

Does your marriage need a boost? Need a reliable sitter? 
Did you know joining the community is free. From there you can browse anytime! Sign up and stay informed!

Need quick workouts? I use this free iTunes app everyday
**7-Minute Workout Challenge**

Hope these help you in some way or you can share these with those you know!
Disclosure: Some links contain affiliate links of mine. All options above are from brands and services I recommend on my own.

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