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Limit the wrapping paper cuts and holiday baking burn scars with TriCalm #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holidays aren’t just about good times and gifts. If you are a rushed person like I am, it is about multiple paper cuts wrapping those gifts and burning my hand almost every cookie session from the oven. I actually have 3 burn scars from cooking as I type this. I am that big of a klutz! TriCalm has the relief you are going to need in their non-steroidal Hydrogel. 
When I reach for an itch cream, I find that gel types always sooth best. It is not a hydrocortisone, but rather it uses aluminum acetate-a water-soluble salt compound that is used in medicine as an antiseptic and astringent. It does not numb the skin, it simply penetrates the affected area and reduces the Type C nerve sensitivity which is the nerve that causes the burning, itching and stinging when irritated by dry skin conditions, burns or stings. 
I used TriCalm on my skin after a mild burn that did not open my skin and the relief is almost immediate. Because it is non-steroidal, I can keep applying as many times as needed to keep the relief going. It is a tad watery in consistency, but I love that. It gives you that wet, cooling sensation.
Remember TriCalm the next time you visit your local retailer such as Walmart, Walgreen’s CVS and others.
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More #HolidayGiftGuide ideas at: http://bit.ly/YmOiCM
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