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LilGadgets headphones reduce outside noise so kids won’t blast the volume

LilGadgets headphones reduce outside noise so kids won't blast the volume

Having earbuds on their person with kids today is about as common as the jelly bracelets we’d pile on when I was a kid. Today, kids are in an electronics world whether you love it or hate it. With music and videos on hand comes the annoyance of having to listen to it – all day long. If they have headphones, you don’t have to hear it. I always know what my son watches and listens to, but I don’t necessarily need to listen with him. However, using headphones so often comes with some hazards to their hearing if proper care is not being paid attention to.

You can control what they watch and listen to, but when the headphones and earbuds are on their heads, you have no clue the volume they have it at. With LilGadgets headphones, their headphones and earbuds for kids have volume limited for their safety.

We have the BestBuds® from LilGadgets. They come in 3 color combos and recommended for age 6+. The assumed industry standard for volume safety is 85db for up to 8 hours of listening. LilGadgets padded, fixed-earcup design creates passive noise reduction, bringing outside noise levels down by 13db. The volume is limited to 73db, much lower than the standards. Yet, because of the outside noise reduction they can still hear their content very well.

BestBuds has other great features! The left and right earbuds are connected to a tangle-free audio cable with an inline microphone that has play/pause/answer call/end call functionality. It comes with three sizes of earbud covers for a perfect fit. Each set comes with a LilGadgets SharePort adapter to make sharing media easy and it also comes with a convenient carry case.

Visit the LilGadgets Amazon shop to see all of the earbuds and headphones they offer with more details.

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