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Lifescript Is Your Resource To Learn More About Children or Teens With ADHD

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I was recently introduced to Lifescript for this sponsored post and found myself lost in this amazing wealth of information. I really dove into the section of ADHD in ChildrenLifescript takes the topic of child ADHD and teens with ADHD and gathers many professional health care providers, writers and experts to bring everything you need to know about the condition from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. My 15 year old stepson was diagnosed about 6 years ago with mild Tourettes and a secondary diagnosis of ADHD. As his neurologist was helping us with treatment plans with his Tourette’s we had to ask if his compulsive and sometimes obsessive behavior was a link. His Pediatrician had diagnosed ADHD right away, but we were leary. I couldn’t help but think how many are quick to label a child ADHD with the slightest abnormal activity or behavior and we insisted we do a proper diagnosis before any talk of treatment. We were referred to a child psychiatrist and after 5-6 parent meetings and 2 that included our son along with parent, child and teacher questionnaires it was determined he had ADHD SECONDARY to his Tourette’s. With understanding the science and confident we are properly diagnosing him, we had him start a low dose Adderall and it did-and still does wonders. He chooses not to take the Adderall much these days, but will still use his Clonidine for the ticks. Puberty has actually done him wonders!
I am so bummed I did not know about Lifescript during all my countless hours of online research. This website takes so many health topics, disorders and diseases and cleverly offers any information you can want in the most organized way. I loved reading the nutrition section and tips. I really couldn’t help in all of my own research to wonder how much diet and food chemicals play a role in the worsening symptoms of ADHD in children. I found that Lifescript took that same concern in their Nutrition & Exercise section with their article discussing the Feingold diet I also follow. I did learn that science has yet to connect sugar with hyperactivity, but I do believe when combined with other artificial ingredients, it can only biologically be an abnormal response that can play a role in how their young bodies process these certain processed foods. I know I am getting the best information because provides medical information, tips and advice that are all written by professional health writers, experts and physicians
Lifescript’s Childhood ADHD Health Center features tips, quizzes, recipes and articles – all by professional health writers, experts and physicians – covering how to help your child succeed in school, advice for getting through the morning routine, how girls’ ADHD differs from boys’ and more. 
Lifecript really understands a parents and caregivers needs when it comes to offering all the information we crave in one spot. With an easy to navigate layout and quality posts and resources, I am 100% confident that the information they give is valid and meant to support and offer me a way to provide the best care and guide as a parent to a teen with ADHD.

Visit for useful information on Childhood ADHD and other prevalent medical conditions related to health. Visit these articles below to learn more.

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