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Lifenest Breathable Bumper by Ubimed #Review

This is a promotional post for Ubimed

Lifenest Breathable Bumper
by: Ubimed
My son is 6 and I can remember just like it was yesterday the sleepless nights I got as I had this crazy fear of middle-of-the-night breathing or suffocation risks. I did not co-sleep ever because of that risk and I had him in a sleeper next to our bed. I would even fall asleep at night with my hand on his chest feeling him breathe. I got this fear the week I ended up going into labor with him. I was taking a bath and had a Readers Digest I was reading and it was a story of a Mother who lost her 8-week old to a sleeper in his crib. I balled as a hormone-filled, very pregnant Mom would and it gave me this fear that just stuck! It was probably more of an anxiety that stayed with me right at the end of pregnancy. I did use a bumper because I was afraid of injuries, but I also knew there were suffocation risks, so I would roll breathable blankets up and tuck them at his legs. His blanky was a quilted blanket with holes so it was breathable and I returned any fleece blanket gifted to me. Did I just give you anxiety reading that? Sorry! I would have used the Breathable Bumper by Ubimed without a doubt if they existed.
There are so many benefits to using this crib bumper that it seems that Ubimed thought of everything while designing the Lifenest Breathable Bumper. 
  • Promotes airflow-better oxygenation
  • Passive elimination of CO2
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extra padding for comfort
  • Scientifically tested
  • Naturally safe with fire protected material with no harmful chemicals
  • Invented by a Pediatric Doctor
  • Covers all 4 sides of the crib and tucks under mattress
Learn more and get your Lifenest Breathable Bumper from Umimed today! Makes a great gift for a new or soon-to-be Mom!
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was sent a sample. All opinions are my own
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