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Life Choice is the better choice for #BarNutrition on the go snacks

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I am THAT Mom! I am PTA Co-President, love attending the boys sports games, volunteer in the classroom, stay home and spoil them. With 3 boys (2 still live at home) I am busy. I love it for the sake of feeling blessed to get to stay home with them and can make myself available and involved. At the same time, that means I do ‘that thing’ all of us parents do! I forget to eat. I have to constantly stop and try to give 2 minutes to myself to stay healthy and in the rare chance I get even more time to squeeze in a run in my day. I eat on the go and as a SAHM I do most of the cooking. I am the type that because I spent so long fixing a meal, by the time we sit down to eat it I am sort of over it. I tend to hardly finish a meal. And breakfast? I know-I stress to my kids that it is the most important meal of the day but do I practice what I preach? If my mornings are busy then NO! Making sure I supplement my smaller meals with a nutritious and much needed on the go snack is crucial to get through my day. I now have a few varieties of Life Choice nutrition bars in my cupboard which leaves me no excuse to skip a nutritious snack on the go.
What’s even more convenient about having Life Choice on hand for some #BarNutrition is that I can purchase them right from the breakfast aisle at my local Walmart. Our Walmart opened less then 3 miles from me this spring and I live there! They have great prices and at under $4 a box for the Life Choice bars, I can get an on-the-go meal or snack for  less than $1 a bar! Beats a $6 Fast Food meal in nutrition and cost!

Life Choice bars from Walmart are so good and naturally made so you can have a flavor you love for the needs you have. The bars are available in 4 varieties- Wellness, Energy, Protein and Meal Replacement. Because I need the nutrition and the energy, the protein bars I have above give me that much needed morning snack so I can get through the day. I get 20 grams of protein with a taste that does not disappoint! When I get my runs in or have to settle for in-home workouts, these bars make great snacks so I recover fast and naturally. I have boys, I cannot crash after a workout!

From the cupboard to my purse is my favorite type of snack. They go with me to PTA meetings, volunteer events and sport games. Whether running errands or running to exercise, Life choice is my favorite source of #BarNutrition. I won’t leave home without them!

Do you turn to grab & go snacks when busy to get you through your day? 

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc and its advertiser
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