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Let your voice be heard from anywhere with TINE

This is a promotional post for TINE. I was not compensated.

What if you could attach your voice to any item or paper for others to hear your words? What if your child can have your teacher record thoughts on their paper and attach it? What if you could take any book and read it and mail to a loved one so they hear your voice as they turn the pages? With TINE, all this is possible. You may have seen recordable books already so why is a TINE tag any different? TINE tags are universal. You are not choosing from select recordable items. Get ready as I explain how this works and perhaps you will be as excited about this new app as I am. TINE is in beta still so the App is free PLUS the TINE tags are sent for free too! Here is how to get started!

Download the App

The TINE app is free and available in iTunes and Google Play store.  Once you download the app, you can request your free TINE tags. They should arrive in 2-5 business days.

Record your TINE

Your TINE tags have arrived! Each of those tags is unique and separate in its scannable tag. What are you going to tag first? Want some ideas?

  • Tag a book and read it.
  • Tag a school paper and give feedback
  • Tag a valuable with lost and found info
  • Tag school notes for study time later
  • Tag a medicine bottle for a loved one with instructions
  • Tag a recipe so you can create a dish without flipping pages in a cookbook
These are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless on what you can tag and record to. The tags will stick to anything you want to attach it to. To record, simply grab a TINE tag and scan the code within your TINE app. Follow the instructions to record. When done recording you can listen to it before finalizing. Stick the tag to the item you wish and your recording is waiting to be open in that tag.

Listening to the TINE tag

The recipient of the item that is tagged (or the first to scan the tag) is the owner of that tag now! They can download the free TINE app to scan and listen to the tag you recorded. Or they can use a standard QR scan. The difference is that within the TINE app they have abilities not available on a standard QR scan such as commenting on that tag for you to see within the saved recording on your end.

TINE tags can be set to anonymous in the recording window if you are recording general instructions for instance. The first person to scan the tag is the owner and can set parameters on who else can scan and listen. Once TINE is out of beta, you will be able to order TINE tags more broadly such as on the TINE website and Amazon. Until then you get a few to get started with by downloading the app today!

Learn more on how to get started today:
What will you tag first?

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