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Let Roaming Reindeer keep track of your child’s behavior this Holiday season #HolidayGiftGuide

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Do you like to find new and creative ways to motivate your children to behave and follow rules? As children age and enter phases, we need to readjust our parenting strategies sometimes so the system fits the current corrective behavior we are working on. During the Holidays is tough, the kids have such a long school break and there are so many new and uncommon activities from parties to extra shopping trips that it is easy to just mentally throw any child off their regimen. Just when you get them adjusted, school is back in session and you have to adjust back to a school start regimen again. That is why I love to find fun and creative ways to get through these periods and keep their behavior in check. Roaming Reindeer is such a system I will for sure use on my son this season.
This book and reindeer set are here to help you keep your child’s behavior where it needs to be so they stay on Santa’s good list. These 2 Reindeer come named Gus & Sam, but your child is asked to rename them.
Reindeer 1 (in our case, that would be Raphael-as in the red TMNT). Raphael will disappear with my son’s bad behavior. Perhaps he went back to notify Santa? Reindeer 2 (as we have him named TMNT-go figure) always stays because a reindeer is always watching. The book explains their role as well as your child’s role well and sets your household up for a “Oops, don’t make Reindeer One go away…” sort of holiday. When they get used to their Reindeer set in their location, it is as easy as pointing to that reindeer and reminding your child to behave!
The Roaming Reindeer stay put so there is no need to hide them daily or reposition them. However, the book will alert the child that they can travel. They can be moved and touched at your discretion. Author Angela Meju has brought a new discipline and behavior approach to families for the Holidays and your kids will love this new system and hopefully it makes those long holiday weeks easier on you as a parent.
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