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Leo Messi Foot Bubbles Review

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Foot Bubbles
He wears the blue and white jersey and my son loves Leo Messi! My son plays soccer, has soccer decor in his room and watches soccer. At 7 he has gravitated to Futbol as his favorite sport! When I was sent the Foot Bubbles featuring Leo Messi you should of seen his excitement. This is our Leo Messi Foot Bubbles review.



Foot Bubbles is a bubble set where you blow one medium to large bubble at a time and with the socks that come with the set you work to be gentle and fancy to keep that ball moving as long as possible before it pops. It took my son some time to master as he tended to kick it and his toes would pop the bubble. He also would get it away from him where it would hit a wall or furniture and pop. It actually took concentration and control which in a fun way is great practice for his playing.
You can find the Leo Messi Foot Bubbles at Kmart and Toys R Us stores. My son has a lot of soccer friends so I plan to keep an eye out for them and scoop some up to have on hand for birthday gifts, etc.. These make fun prizes for players if you are a coach. Great entertainment and my son can’t play enough!
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