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LED bulbs provide lighting for your dark garage

Thank you LOFTEK for partnering with us for this feature

LED bulbs provide lighting for your dark garage

My husband has been a little too excited over the LED lighting changes I have been making around the house. As we begin packing for our new home we will move into in July we have been buying only LED lights to go into our new build. If you have never bought a ‘quality’ LED lightbulb and switched it with a standard bulb, you may not be familiar with the great difference in light.

How do LED Light Bulbs work

When you turn on an LED bulb an electrical current passes through the semiconductor material. This is what lights the tiny LED sources. LED lighting is more directional so that it can effectively light up an area which means it uses the lighting and energy more efficiently. I learned that ENERGY STAR LED bulbs are subject to very specific requirements so that they can replicate the experience you are used to with a standard A-type bulb.

Featured LED Bulbs

SANSI 30W Cool White LED Light Bulb: 3000lm, E26 holder, 30W LED Bulb equivalents to 250W incandescent bulb at only 30W. Comparing to traditional light bulb, under the same brightness you could save nearly 240 Kilowatts in one year with 3 hours of use each night.

SANSI 25W Daylight LED Light Bulb: 5000K 2400lm Equal to 150-Watt Incandescent for Garage, Factory, Warehouse, Barn Sport or Hall Lighting.

The difference in these last 2 photos are 2 different LED bulbs. The top photo is a cheap LED I got about 3 months ago. I switched it out with the LOFTEK Cool Light LED 30W bulb and the difference is like night and day.

SANSI LED lights have lit up many signs and displays you may have been exposed to from billboards in Times Square, Illinois Stadium, the Shanghai Expo and many more worldwide. They are a leading innovator of LED applications so you know they have put careful and innovative technologies into creating lighting that is safe, uses less of our planets energy and will last longer saving you money in the long run.

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