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Learning Science with Educational Insights GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope

This feature is in partnership with Educational Insights


Is your child ready for real, powerful scientific fun. Toys, yes, but these GeoSafari toys from Educational Insights will bring out the Scientist and Explorer in them for sure. Anthony is heading into fourth grade and he has dabbled in science studies in his past grades but this year science will be a block in his curriculum. He is so excited.

I wanted to spend the summer finding activities and games to allow him to experiment on his own. We have turned caterpillars into butterflies, we grew some cilantro and as we move into our new home at the base of Mount Rainier in the NW Cascades we have some amazing outdoor views and wide open skies. For this, we have the Educational Insights GeoSafari® Vega 360 Telescope.


The GeoSafari® Vega 360 Telescope gives clear, up-close images at magnifications of 20x, 40x, and 80x. This will allow for some fun land and sky viewing and it is lightweight too so we can view from both ends of the home out our upstairs windows.



Educational Insights has fun learning games and toys like telescopes from math to science that is the perfect way to jump start this years learning. Learning is fun especially in the form of games.


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