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Learning Science Is Fun with The Magic School Bus Children’s Movies

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I was recently sent copies of The Magic School Bus newest children movie DVD’s to review with my son. He is 5 and has always loved this series. Ms. Fizzle makes learning science topics fun as she uses the Magic School Bus to take children through how things work. The 2 newest releases are titled: In A Pickle and a 3-disc set titled: Revving Up and my son is actually watching In a Pickle once again as I type this!

Children Movie: The Magic School Bus
The Magic School Bus: In A Pickle

Learn about tiny microbes and molecules in the 3 short stories. Ages 4-10 and runs about 78 minutes plus some extras
  • Episode 1: Microbes-Learn how Keesha’s Cucumber turned itself into a pickle
  • Episode 2: Molecules-Discover a molecule down to it’s core as the class washes a famous car
  • Episode 3: Smell-take a journey to discover a unique smell in the First Annual Smell Search Contest
The Magic School Bus Set: Revving Up

Learn about Construction, Getting Energized and Habitats in a 3-disc Set. Ages 4-10n and combined run time is about 5 hours and extras
  • Disc 1: Construction-Learn about Engines (the importance in vehicle maintenance to get the bus running again), Structures (they use structures to plan an escape route when the class is stuck in a bathroom) and Computers (the class learns how to program a computer to do all their chores so school can open, but things start to get a little crazy)
  • Disc 2: Getting Energized-learn about Energy (learn how to improvise powering up the class’ Carnival Ride when the power cord shorts out), Electricity (learn how a Doorbell works when the Class races to fix Ms. Frizzle’s which has broken) and Light (is the Theater haunted or is the image of Arnold floating above a stage in a darkened theater a light trick)
  • Disc 3: Cracks A Yolk-Learn about City Critters (The class is turned into Critters to test their survival outside a zoo setting), Eggs (learn how Eggs are made when the class is left to care for the Principal’s chicken) and Desert Adaption (learn how desert animals and plants care for themselves to thrive in their conditions)

I have always loved The Magic School Bus episodes as a way to give the best visual education for my boys about so many science topics. I find myself learning tons as well as I watch these with them throughout the years! I can’t come close to explain such topics as well as Ms Frizzle can! She also reminds me a bit of my 1st Grade teacher! You never forget the teacher that made learning so fun!
The Giveaway
I will have 2 Winner’s! Winner #1 gets the Box Set:Revving Up and Winner #2 gets the DVD In A Pickle. Enter below on Rafflecopter! Ends August 23!

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Disclosure: I was provided the above DVD’s for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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18 thoughts on “Learning Science Is Fun with The Magic School Bus Children’s Movies”

  1. I LOVE this show!! Glad to see something is still around from I was a kid. Microbes-Learn how Keesha's Cucumber turned itself into a pickle

  2. Computers (the class learns how to program a computer to do all their chores so school can open, but things start to get a little crazy) – Who doesn't love computers??

  3. I think I would enjoy the Microbes episode. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! I love watching Magic School Bus with my kids! It's sparks their interest in learning and it's great to use as a jumping off point to learn more about whatever subject they are learning in the show. 🙂

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