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Picture Book Review: Mis-Takes – sneak peek by Anthony

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A copy of the picture book was provided for feature

Learning From Your Mis-takes | Children's Book Review

Mis-takes: I Tried and I’m Proud Of It!

by: Jenna Bayne

Mistakes may be one word, but should it be looked at that way? If we break the word into 2 you get mis-takes as in do over, a miss you had meaning you can try again. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow.

In the book Mis-takes your child will celebrate mistakes and be proud that they took a chance. Worse than making a mistake is never trying at all. Even adults make mistakes, we all have to. Simple and great for child educators and Influencers, Mis-takes will turn that disappointment into celebration as they follow along.

Anthony will read you the first few pages….

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21 thoughts on “Picture Book Review: Mis-Takes – sneak peek by Anthony”

  1. Your son is adorable. The book is awesome. I wish more books would teach children to be proud that they tried, even if they failed. It’s an important lesson.

  2. this sounds like such a great book and i bet my little cousins would enjoy this for sure, they love bedtime reads, I am going to save this for their birthday coming up.

  3. I like that perspective – a mistake is literally a mis-take… it removes a lot of the stigma and shame on trying new things/learning to master things for small children.

  4. Such a cute book. I try to teach my daughter that it’s okay not to always be right. Making mistakes teaches her to be better next time

  5. I’ll have to pick this up for my little nephew. It’s so important, especially at such a young age, to learn that it’s okay to make mistakes.

  6. Learning to celebrate mistakes is one of the biggest lessons we as humans can learn! What a wonderful book – and thanks for sharing your review, we’ll share it with our readers!

  7. Looks like a great children’s book! I love that it teaches mistakes are okay and how to learn from them.

  8. This is such a cute video. I will have to pick up a copy of the book for my friends little one. She is the perfect age for it.

  9. What a very conscious responsible book for kids. If I had a child I would definitely let them read this and learn.

  10. We definitely grow when we make mistakes. And we cannot be afraid to grow. I ended up realizing I made some mistakes recently in blogging, and I know I have had to grow through the experience.

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