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Learning Manners with Manners Mouse and Good Manners Chart

When I was younger my Grandparents were all about manners! “Elbows off the table”, “Chew with your mouth closed”, “Voices down”. I learned the majority of my manners by fearing a lecture from the Grandparents and now as a Mom in 2019 I don’t think we focus on all the manners we should with our children. I will even catch my own 11 year old push his way through an older adult to move forward. I would have had my hide chewed if I did not stop for an adult to pass by and that’s the way it should be.

With access to so many books, games and technology it is so easy to find the tools we need to teach in the way kids learn today. With the book set, Manners Mouse, a book and stuffed Mouse is a tool kit for teaching basic manners to our kids.

learn manners

Anthony will unbox the set for you below….

I took a moment to put this printable poster together to help you until your Manners Mouse kit arrives. It is bright and easily hangs for the children to see and remember a few ways to learning manners. Just click on it to download and print.

Good Manners Chart
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The goal of Manners Mouse is to encourage and reward children for showing great manners throughout each day. Through a fun storybook, with colorful pictures and a checklist, children can document how great their day has been. If students do well, Manners Mouse will be happy and can be played with. However, if students do not have a great day, Manners Mouse will be sad and cannot be touched or played with.

Visit MannersMouse to learn more and print certificates or purchase. Also available on Amazon.

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