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Learn the basics of Keto and IF while making it a lifestyle – Promo Code

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. All opinions are 100% my own. There may be affiliate links within this post as well that could result in compensation for Parenting Healthy.

What is stopping you? Is it motivation? Support? Lack of Knowledge? Overwhelmed? When it comes to sticking to a new eating plan it is hard to start. Starting requires schedules, shopping, education and it can seem to much to even get going. If you are wanting to cut those unhealthy carbs or eat less in the day, this 6 week program with Keto & Faith has all you need to get you going and stick with it. I also have a promo code below so you can save.

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The first time I started eating a keto and IF diet, I threw out so much food, bought expensive, fancy ingredients and snacks and bought new fitness gear then hardly used any of it. This new eating lifestyle is about leaving foods out you may be used to easy-snacking on and taking most foods you already have in your fridge and creating meals (just leave out the unhealthy additions). Keto & Faith will help you.

You will get daily emails when you wake up. Within these emails are

  • Pause – Pray – Plan content. I keep a separate folder in my email to drop my Keto & Faith emails into so I have easy access to them all.
  • The emails start with a little prayer and an affirmation to keep in mind all day.
  • Links and education on a topic for learning to change your lifestyle to Keto or IF. It will give you a small exercise task to start – day 1 is a 7 minute walk and then add each day from there. The Keto & Faith plan knows that starting with small goals works best. You can build from there or push beyond if you have it in you.
  • Then you get a recipe and a food tip. Then end with helpful, recommended videos by reputable speakers and Influencers to give you some more education.
  • Finally, you get a link to handouts for the day if you are a paper/pencil thinker. I am!

Included in the full program:

  1. 6 Week Email Course
  2. 6 Weekly Modules
  3. 7 Daily lessons within each of the 6 weeks
  4. Daily assignments in Private Facebook Group
  5. Daily handouts / Resources
  6. Daily inspiration
  7. Daily affirmations
  8. Private Facebook group and access to me by messenger during hours 8-7 CST
  9. Weekly Group Chats to be announced either Tuesday or Thursday mornings.
  10. FREE GIFT, Simply Keto by Suzzane Ryan mailed to your house

This is all you need in 1 bundle. The cost for the program is $497 and with my 20% off promo code: PARENTINGHEALTHY at KETO & Faith Savings you pay only $397. This is the time to tart BEFORE you go splurging and buying a bunch of unnecessary fitness/kitchen items. Get started with me and others I the group! They are all there for each other and will be for you too.

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