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Learn CPR before your kids start sports

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Learn CPR before your kids start sports

As a Mom to 3 boys, I have been a tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, karate and sports camp Mom! Some teams were very laid back in terms of practices and games. Other teams and as they got older had more intense play. These boys are run hard and sometimes for up to 2 hours with small breaks. They don’t play this hard at recess and may not even play this hard at home. Sometimes the only test on their bodies, lungs and heart is through the physical activity of sports. This is why you hear stories of kids collapsing in sports. Sometimes these incidents end OK and bring out an unknown medical condition that can be treated. Other times it ends bad-very bad! 

With accidental deaths being a number 1 killer in children and with 66 child deaths for young athletes a year, there is one life saving measure that everyone must know! Whether you are a parent on the sidelines or a coach, knowing CPR can save a life. Would you know how to step in when a child suffers suddenly on the field? 

Please see the graphic below and visit ACLS Medical Training for more valuable tips and connections to a certified course near you! Statistics say that if you were likely to need to perform CPR on any child, that child is going to be your own! Learn CPR today because for every minute that a bystander does NOT perform CPR, the survival chances drop 10%!

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