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Leapfrog has the cool educational games kids want for the Holidays

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Chances are you know a child who wants some kind of video game console for the Holidays. They like video games and as long as it plugs in or has a hand held device they control from then it is at the top of their list. As a Mom I am OK with video games and electronics because it is their generation and they need to know computers and need to know electronics, but I want educational. It is my money and I want it spent on games that teach, encourage, enrich and keep them moving. LeapTV has all of that in an easy setup with games the kids love including downloadable games right from your LeapFrog account.
My son is 7 and we have a 2 gaming consoles in our house and it was the LeapTV I allowed to be connected to his TV in the bedroom. I have not allowed consoles in the bedroom but LeapFrog is a brand I trust and these games are educational so he now gravitates to his LeapTV even over the other consoles. His bedroom is upstairs and I know when he is playing because he is jumping and running and I can hear all of the movement from downstairs.

Set up is so easy-it walks you through every push of any button from set up until ready to play. I plugged it in and my son was playing within 10 minutes. You can buy games and use the cartridges or download games and videos to your LeapTV from your LeapFrog account.
With LeapTV games your child will play while using the skills of reading, math, science and problem solving. At set up you enter your child’s age and the games will automatically adjust to their learning level.
Try these popular LeapTV games when you get your LeapTV. There are many more:
  • Frozen: Arendelle’s Winter Festival-Math-Ages 4-7
  • DoodleCraft-Creative & Life Skills-Ages 4-7
  • Blaze & The Monster Machines-Science-Ages 3-5
  • Letter Factory Adventures-Reading-Ages 3-5
  • My son’s pick he had me buy right away-Math-Ages 4-7
Your child will not just sit still in a trance with these LeapFrog LeapTV games! They will move and learn while playing so many fun adventures and earn stars for achievements. The controller works for all games as it closes for 2 handed play or opens straight for one-handed play and some games do not need the controller as the unit’s camera detects their movement in some activities.
If your kids are ready for a console, start with LeapFrog LeapTV. You will not be disappointed and neither will they!

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