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L’dara gets you beauty from the inside out

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L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

Have you heard of LBP-5 Complex? If I were to be more simple, perhaps you have heard the phrase: Beauty comes from within? L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum together with the L’dara supplement works within your body to bring out your natural beauty. Serum is only skin deep, the supplement works from the inside out and this little duo gives you the ultimate anti-aging power no simple lotion or serum alone can do. 
As a science, LBP-5 Complex is an isolated compound derived from the Goji Berry. Goji Berries have been discovered to provide many benefits to our health by providing powerful antioxidant effects, immune support, overall health and anti-aging. LBP stands for lycium barbarum polysaccharide. It’s important to know what active ingredients are in your cosmetics and where they come from so you can be sure you are using safe products.
L’dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum
I am using this myself and I put it on after I cleanse and tone and before my moisturizer morning and night. It is great on all skin types and is an all-in-one serum. It addresses fine lines, wrinkles, anti-aging, dullness, discoloration, enlarged pores, loose skin, roughness and dryness. It penetrated the outer layer of skin so you get a deep down youthful appearance. The serum is paraben free, pthalate free, fragrance free, gluten free and free of synthetic colors.
L’dara Within™ Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Supplement

This is the only skin supplement that utilized LBP-5 Complex derived from the Goji Berry and contains the new Ceramin-L. As you get older your skin begins to dry and sag because of the loss of structure within your body and cells. Ceramin-L helps replenish the lost structure and ceramides leaving you with moisture within to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and leaves you with smoother skin. They are FDA verified and brings you complete beauty support from the inside. 
Using the supplement and serum together truly replenishes and leaves your aging skin as youthful as it once was. Learn more at https://ldara.com/home
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