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Last minute Stocking Stuffer choices from Mike and Ike & a #Recipe

This is a promotional post for Just Born confections. I have no samples at the time of this post.

Keep your eye out on these fun candies for your stocking stuffer needs!
Just Born is celebrating the Minion movie craze with the fun Minion Mix Mike and Ike candies. 
Hot Tamales make great addition to your cookie recipes and the Merry Mix in a fun bowl will add color to your Holiday food table!
For more information on The Return of Mike and Ike™, new flavors and upcoming programs, visit

Want a fun recipe?

MIKE AND IKE® Crispy Rice Cereal Treats
Servings: 8
·         1 ½ cups (13 oz) MIKE AND IKE® Original Fruits candies, coarsely chopped*
·         3 tablespoons (1.5 oz, 42g) margarine
·         10 oz (280 g) marshmallows
·         1/2 cup (1.7 oz, 48 g) marshmallow fluff
·         6 cups (5.7 oz, 160g) crisp rice cereal
*The best way to chop it is with a lightly oiled knife. 
1.       Grease a 9 X 13 pan and set aside.
2.       Combine the marshmallows and margarine in a large microwave safe bowl.
3.       Place the cereal and candy in another bowl and toss well to combine. Set aside.
4.       Microwave the marshmallows and margarine for one minute.
5.       Remove from the microwave and stir to combine. If the marshmallows are not fully melted return to the microwave and cook for 30 seconds at a time until they are fully melted.
6.       Stir in the fluff and mix well. Add the candy and cereal mixture and stir until combined.
7.       Turn the mixture out into the prepared pan. Let cool, then cut into squares.
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