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Last Minute Gift Idea Faithbox subscription box

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When you need a last minute gift idea what comes to mind? I am not into stopping in a mall or store a day or two before Christmas if I don’t have to so there have been times I need to resort to gifting cash or gift cards I can pick up at a local spot. However, it seems that the past few years subscription boxes have become more and more popular. The best part is that you can order one-print a page and do this moments before gifting because the gift is in the mail to be enjoyed the day it arrives to the recipient! Faithbox is a great option for those who love to keep Christianity active in their daily lives and even for those who may have had a rough year and can use inspiration.
The best part about subscription boxes is that you can order an ongoing plan where the recipient gets a box a month for as long as you choose or you can send 1 box then decide to continue the subscription if it was a hit! 
Here is a peak into the last two Faithbox units for November and December. If you like what you see, keep reading to order one today!

If this excites you or may be great for someone you know, head to http://www.faithbox.com/join. If there is a current special, their page may have a pop up so take advantage of that! A month box is $20. If you order 3 months, you pay $19 a box and if you order a one year plan you are paying $17 a box. The longer the plan, the more you save each month. If you look above, you are getting snacks, a daily journal and other fun items that easily add up to over $20 so it’s a great deal. 
Can you imagine someone who has had a rough time lately receiving this in their mail? What an inspiration! Log on, pick a plan and print the receipt and you have a gift! It’s fast and great for the last minute ideas!
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