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Kotes by Kobe: Accessories made of recycled dog fur

Leah is my Whoodle pup (Poodle/Wheaten Terrier mix), but Kobe is a Great Pyrenees from Australia who is the inspiration behind Kotes by Kobe. With the large amounts of soft hair these dog breeds shed, it was thought of how great it would be to us the recycled dog fur and make scarves and coats for other dogs (and their humans too). The fur of a Great Pyrenees is so soft and makes a perfect wearable (Leah’s, not so great as Whoodle’s do not shed fur).

Leah is wearing the scarf for their line. So soft and light, this is the Red Mally Knit Scarf. This Mally scarf comes in other colors but this rich red looks great on Leah. Then you can also get dog coats, puffy vests for owner and more.

The Mally Scarf is made with a custom blend of Alaskan Malamute fur, merino and Corriedale wool, plus a touch of nylon for added durability. It is adjustable to your dogs exact neck size and matches the dog coat and puffer vest in same color.

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