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KOR Stylish Personal Hydration Products

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KOR Stylish Personal Hydration Products

Can someone on your gift list use a quality water bottle or filtration product? If you are shopping for kids in sports, parents on-the-go, teachers, office workers, coaches, gym users, runners, college students and others I may be forgetting then these KOR water bottles will be a hit.


It is easy to accumulate water bottles and I have so many in my cupboard that it is time to donate some away. So when my new KOR water bottle came I wondered how I could justify owning another water bottle. I would get rid of all the ones I have and let this be my only one. I have the KOR One special edition water bottle and am in love with it.


Of the hundreds (probably not over exaggerating that number) of water bottles that have passed through this house in 24 years of raising boys starting with my husbands oldest, I have never had one like this. The design is the most stylish, the shape is ergonomically perfect and the function is free of leaks. KOR has always done hydration right and I never had a water bottle compliment until I carried this one around.

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Visit KorWater to see all of the styles.

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