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Kohl’s Cares: Mother’s Day Gifts That Give Back

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One year when my son was a toddler I got a bag that came home from Day Care labeled ‘Open on Mother’s Day’.  When that day came I opened the bag and it was a kids book-  a used copy of the Brown Bear Brown Bear. At Day Care they had a bag of gifts each kid got to shop in on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They were items the day care collected throughout the year and the kids would go ‘shopping’. We read that book so many times and to this day I have never got rid of that book because he still remembers gifting it to me.
Buying a gift as a young child for Mom and Dad may commonly be items they like for themselves, but it makes it special. At Kohl’s, you can shop for gifts for Mom that are only $5. Not only are these fun gifts from child to Mom or Grandma, that $5 purchase supports children’s health initiatives nationwide.


The current Kohl’s Cares selections are adorable and make for a lot of great reading memories. 
  • Penguin on Vacation book, Penguin’s Big Adventure book and penguin soft toy
  • Board Book Set and clownfish soft toy
  • Found book and bear soft toy
  • Stormy Night book and dinosaur soft toy 
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