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Know your knives with the Hampton Signature Argentum 14 piece Block Set

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Chances are you have a knife block set in your home. Like many, it may contain some rusted knives and there may even be ones you have never used because you simply don’t understand their use. I was sent this Hampton Signature Argentum set by Hampton Forge and it was great because my set is old and rusting. I began looking at the box and getting to know this set so I can create a post for the guide and I learned more than I thought there was to know. So, I pass on this little lesson so you can get to know your knives!
Know Your Knives
  • Paring Knife-the shortest straight blade knife. Use for cleaning, pairing, prepping and slicing small fruits, vegetables and garnishes
  • Steak Knife-the set at bottom row-this set has 6 of them. Use for cutting main course meats and poultry. usually a 4-6″ serrated or non-serrated blade
  • Boning Knife-long, narrow blade. Use for removing bone from meat such as ham or beef roast.
  • Utility Knife- small lightweight blade about 4-7″ long. Use for light cutting of fruits and vegetables
  • Slicing or Carving Knife-thin with round or pointed tip and longest narrow blade of the set. Use for slicing cooked or smoked meat, seafood or poultry. Great for firm items such as sausages or moist textures like baked hams
  • Sontoku Knife-the wide blade with notches along cutting edge. Typically prepares foods for Asian dishes because it cuts smoothly and more precise through dense vegetables or foods
  • Chef Knife-the large blade in most sets. Use for all purpose mincing, slicing and disjointing large cuts of meat or pork.
  • Kitchen Shears-the scissors. A high quality pair can cut through the breastbone of chicken.
Now not all sets come with these exact knives,  but if you recognize any of these in your set then you now understand their function. A tip I had not known was you are not to put your knife block sets in the dishwasher. Some may say dishwasher safe, but the heat of the dishwasher and the detergents can damage the blades and handles of quality knives. This set has open slots at the bottom of the block and the knives go in the top of the block at an angle so there is a bit of airflow and water is not trapped inside near your blades.

‘Innovative design melded with quality and afford ability for the discerning tastemaker. Hampton Forge Signature marries timeless kitchen and dining solutions with the finest materials and craftsmanship.’

Is it time for a new knife block set? This set makes a great addition to your wish list or gift for someone you know who can use a quality set.
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