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What Should I Know About Teen Outpatient Programs?

Outpatient programs to help teens have become an increasingly popular option with parents. Many outpatient programs are for patients who need help overcoming a long-standing addiction, but not all. Some .

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Admitting that your teen needs medical help and / or counseling can be a big step for parents to take. Your teen will likely not welcome this news. Outpatient treatment is, however, a less drastic step than hospitalization. Teens are often able to keep up with school during this time and can therefore keep their attendance to such programs private. An aspect that may appeal to teens who also suffer from social anxiety.

Here is a brief overview of some types of outpatient programs available for teens.

  1. Drug and alcohol rehab outpatient programs.

40 percent of 12th graders confess to having used drugs once during the previous year. Unsurprisingly, among the outpatient programs that exist for teens, many focus on drug rehabilitation. Drug addiction is addressed in outpatient centers through counseling sessions and targeted education. Some centers introduce students to activities that provide stress relief and a feeling of control in their life. If the addictive behavior is a family trait, or the result of past family trauma, counseling for the parents is also often available.

  1. Personality disorder counseling sessions.  

If your teen has been diagnosed with a personality disorder, there are outpatient programs that can help. A therapist first attempts to uncover the root cause of the condition. Sometimes childhood trauma is at fault. Other times, the source is environmental. Finding out how the disorder developed is helpful in implementing effective treatments. Counseling sessions will likely center around talk therapy. Which is a method for helping personality disorder sufferers cope with restrictive thoughts. Outpatient treatment programs for personality disorders are recommended for teens with non-violent disorders. Teens come in for a set number of hours weekly for therapy and sometimes medication.

  1. Trauma and PTSD counseling.

Teens can benefit from outpatient counseling to recover from a traumatic life event. Signing up for an extended outpatient program means your teen will benefit from daily therapy sessions. Daily sessions enable a patient to cover more ground in a short amount of time. Such sessions provide a safe space for patients to discuss and discover why they behave in certain ways. And learn how to think and interact in new and different manners.

  1. Depression outpatient programs.

Depression outpatient programs can be helpful for teens with clinical or major depression. If you are unsure of whether your teen has clinical depression, symptoms include:

Poor sleep patterns

  • Tendency toward being withdrawn or isolated
  • Little or no appetite
  • Preoccupation with suicide or death
  • Feelings of low self-worth and hopelessness

Teens dealing with depression are at a higher risk of suicide. Regular appointments with a trained mental health counselor will allow safe monitoring of your teen. Any dramatic decline in your teen’s emotions will be met with immediate care and an appropriate response.
Unlike inpatient programs, outpatient treatment does mean less surveillance. So if you suspect that your teen may inflict harm on himself or others, outpatient treatment may not be sufficient. However, for many issues that teens face during adolescence, inpatient care is not necessary. Looking for a way to help your teen climb out of depression, deal with a drug dependency issue, or cope with a personality disorder? There are a great number of outpatient programs you can consider that will provide your family with daily support.

Establishing healthy habits takes time. Teaching a teen how to cope with a mood disorder or personality disorder can’t be dealt with in one session alone. Recovery means a commitment of time given toward getting better. Sometimes asking for help is the smartest thing a parent can do. Carefully evaluate whether an outpatient program might be the support system you need for your teen. We have excellent addiction treatment in Washington for teens and adults near my doing great things to change lives.

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