Klondike Kandy Bars and frozen treats for the holidays

I was able to sample product. Opinions are my own

OK! So it is fall and the nights are darker earlier and that chill has hit in the air and you are reading a post about ice cream. If you have kids, ice cream is not a seasonal treat and if you hate the cold then all the more reason to cuddle in front of the fire with ice cream in hand when the flavors like Klondike Kandy Bars are that good! 
We didn’t even get outside our local Safeway store where I found our Klondike Kandy Bars before my son was going nuts over trying the Cookies n’ Cream flavor. We did go directly after school and he was due for a snack so he ate it real quick before getting in my car.
With Halloween on a Saturday this year there will be many fun parties. I know a few of my girlfriends and the kids will be getting together for a party and some trick or treating. It is fun that the kids aren’t not in school all day and we have the weekend for a day of fun. So pull out the Klondike Bars-Kandy Bars, Klondy Shake’s or the traditional Klondikes and let those kids get messy. That’s what Halloween is about-games, gooeyness and fun treats!
Don’t forget the popular Klondike varieties for all of your holiday parties this year! Follow on Facebook for the latest announcements and promotions. 
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