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KiteReaders Children eBooks Review: What is Dreaming?

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What is Dreaming?
Children’s eBook Review

KiteReaders has many fun eBooks for children and recently I downloaded What is Dreaming? for my son. I have a 5 year old with a very active imagination. In fact, he sleeps with all his weapons in his clothing so he has them with him in his dreams to fight any monsters that may attack him. He has always been so fascinated with dreams. Not in a way that makes him scared to sleep, but I think he actually hopes to dream that he is a superhero fighting off monsters. 
What is Dreaming? is amazingly organized into a Question/Answer story. It helps in the discussion of dreams. It answers why we dream, it teaches us what we can do to try and determine the dream we will have and explains the meanings of our dreams. Did you know that a dream is our minds recap of a days events in its own order? In children, the days event can be misinterpreted and therefor a mean kid at school may become a monster in their dream. Every child should read What is Dreaming? It is worth the download on so many levels! It is very gentle for a bedtime story. My son seemed eager to get to sleep and practice having good dreams after reading this.
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For Ages 3-8
Disclaimer: I am a KiteReaders Ambassador and was provided a download of my choosing. I chose the above title. All opinions are 100% my own.

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